Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cracking and Stretching

You know how in the movies (or in your head) the 'writer' gears up to begin writing an epic story? I mean, they're cracking knuckles, stretching their necks, and rolling their shoulders (I know you all did just that)? Well, that's how I feel right now. Thank you Sarah G. for checking in on me. It has been since mid June that I've posted of followed blogs...... Sorry y'all. I logged in, glanced at my dashboard and one of the first blog's I see is AJ telling folks how to unfollow a blog, lol! Geez, I hope I made it back in time. All I can say is that I am happy to be back in blogland and I am ready to tell you all about what I have been up to. Man, it's so easy to fall off of here and let life pull you in another direction.

Today I am 216. That is only 22 pounds since surgery way back on May 7th. I am feeling good in my 216 pound body, but I know I could be feeling SO much better. In all the time that I have been away from my blog, I am embarassed to say that I have barely exercised and my eating (portion size and nutritional value) is just so so.

Listen when they say that you still have to do the work!

I am not a stupid woman, I know this. My problem is that I am a slacker. Damn, I want to delete the previous sentence so bad, but I am forcing myself to be honest and it is important that I put it out there. I know all the rules but have put in almost no effort to make my band work to its fullest capacity. Feel free to begin the flogging :o( I am not calling myself a failure, or blaming my band. I am just calling a spade a spade.

I need to commit to an action plan. I have decided to come up with a challenge for myself, but first, let me tell you how my band has been doing....

Last time I blogged, at the end of June, I was going in for my first fill. I think the date was 6/26. That was about 7 weeks after banding. I was given 3ccs in my 10cc band and I weighed in at 227. Up until that first fill I was trying to keep to eating 1-1/2 cups of food and had little restriction. After that fill I lost a few and had gotten all the way down to 220.

I had my second fill on August 13th. I was back up to 224 and given 1cc. My surgeon told me he was disappointed in my progress and wanted me down 10lbs by my next appointment  on September 11th. I was feeling very good restriction for about a week and a half. I still have restriction, but it is not the same. Since the last fill I have not exercised. I have only ever had a few minor stuck episodes and I have never PBd or experienced any heartburn. I don't drink anything carbonated, and I am also able to eat everything.

I am pretty sure that is it about my band. I need to be treating it better than I have been, considering I went through a pretty damn painful surgery for it. OK...So what am I going to challenge myself to do? I am going to challenge myself to be more active. Starting tonight I am going to do at least 1/2 hour of exercise everyday. 


WooooSaaaaah.... I need some theme music to get me going. I can't think of anything better than Eye of the Tiger right now. Everybody get your Rocky on with me!!!!  I so want to be like you hardcore bandsters who sweat your asses off. I want to be 210 by my doctor appointment (213 with clothes I think) so he doesn't chalk me up to a failure.

IT Tiger

FYI.... I missed you guys.


  1. Welcome back!!! I would never unfollow you :)

  2. Welcome back!!! You can do this and you know it!

  3. Hi Reggie! You came back - YAY!!!! You can do it. here you go *kick in the butt* haha! :-)

  4. For the record, I have only unfollowed people who haven't posted in almost a year. I was happy to see you post!!! You can do this!!!

  5. Welcome back. I am not new to blogging but new to the "circle". I just want to tell you that you can absolutely do this. One day at a time. Get your brain onboard. Great goal to start with. :)

  6. You're welcome, Reggie! Set yourself some small short term goals, and when those are "easy & old hat" up them and keep going. You will see results!

  7. I think you need another fill. I hope you blog more often again (we missed you!) as it helps keep us all accountable.

  8. I am so glad to hear from you!

    You are never a failure unless you quit on yourself.

    Find an exercise you can stick to and put the time on your calendar just like an appointment.

  9. Missed you too! First step is accountability and I'm really glad you've come back to blogging and are feeling good. I wish the band did all the work too, but it just doesn't :( x

  10. You got this, girl! Sounds like if you're not getting the restriction you need, you should go back and get a fill. Use your tool! :)