Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a great weekend :o)

Also, thank you for all the well wishes on my interview. IT WENT GREAT!!!! I really felt like I knew my stuff, it was almost effortless. I hope that I get it. I even recieved a very promising response from  one of my thank you emails.

I cannot believe that this is my last week before becoming a Bandster. Monday, May 7th, I will be going under the knife. I am so scurrred. I feel like I have been waiting, and waiting and waiting forever. Now that it is almost here I feel like I cannot think straight. I have been pouring over a lot of your blogs to get more infomation on how the first week or so went. Thank you for your close attention to detail, recommendations and pictures.

I plan to have hubs take some measurements and before pics sometime this week. I know that I am going to be very grateful to have this blog to look back on in the future. Especially when going through rough patches in reaching my weightloss goals.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Cheesy Grin

I am having a good day. I am attributing it to my good luck hair do :o) Muchas Gracias Aunt K.

I am down 6 pounds since last month, my BP is in the normal range and my surgery date is Monday, MAY 7th!!!!!!! I did not expect it to be so soon, but the next available was Friday on the 11th.That date is too close to Mother’s day for me. I don’t want to be laid up, lol!

Now I just have to wait until my interview at 3:30 today…. Iam feeling pretty good :o)

Please pray for me and feel free to do the happy dance aswell.

You'd hire me right? Check out my nice new BP!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Hello All... It is a good day in Reggie world :o) except for the few WTFs that I'd like to share of course. Please Enjoy

WTF #1
I thought I was looking pretty cute today in my ankle pants and suede red heels. I was getting plenty of compliments on said heels. They are not new, but I probably have not worn them for 6 weeks or so. When I looked down at my feet to admire myself, WTF did I see? The inner lining of my (not cheap) heels coming up.

I took them off and looked inside to find that they were being split apart from the inside out. Again, WTF!?!? Apparently some elephant foot huzzy has been hoofing it around in my pretties. The huzzy was me :o(  Has this happened to any of you? I do have wide feet, but Geez Louise!


WTF #2
I am getting my hair done tonight. My Aunt is my stylist and has been for years. She is not the most convenient due to the fact that she lives 20 miles away (I drive past dozens of suitable salons on my way to her place), but I like the way that she does my hair and I appreciate depend on the family discount. I sent her an email today advising I wanted to look like Shaunie O' Neal. Please see the response.

ME : I hope that you don’t have many clients tonight because Iam bringing wine….. a lot of wine :o)
PS – I want to look like ShaunieOneal.

Her : Bring the wine. Themore you drink the more you will look like herJ  It is only a comb, not a wand!

 Hardy har har har..... not. I sure do hope she is in a good mood when I get there. My head depends on it.

WTF #3
Did you know it was Administrative Professionals day? My office, which never ever celebrates anything brought in a bunch of pastries today.... WTF!

If you read my last post, you know that I have been a bad girl. Today, I was STRONG! I refused to partake. Want to know something else, I tracked all my food in MFP yesterday and was under my calories AND I walked on my breaks and lunch.

WTF #4
I have a coworker who drives me crazy. She is very nice, but she is always bringing in crazy, old, stale, strange food for me. I am not just being picky either and I do appreciate her generosity however, I am afraid to eat much of it. She'll tell me that she was cleaning out her fridge and made some crazy looking stew and bring it in.... It was eyebrow raising. Or she'll bring me in a 1/2 loaf of bread that she got from the food bank and didn't finish.... WTF? I have no problem with food banks, they provided my meals many a time in my poverty stricken childhood, but I don't want it!!!!!! I politely decline and decline again. When she isn't around I hide the food in my trash can. Now when she comes to my desk she peers into my trashcan....WTF!

Thanks for listening :o)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rock Paper Scissors

Hey everybody..... I have missed blogging so much. I have been trying to post here and there, but my job has had me too busy to post anything. I can't believe they expect me to work, just kidding, kinda.

Anywho, I accidentally chopped off my fingertip yesterday while making cucumber salad. Please always remember to use the guard when using your mandoline, or you could lose a peice of your finger. I'd show you a picture, but it is NASTY. It really is just a tiny chunk, but the pain makes me feel like I am missing the ENTIRE finger.
This brings me to my post title. My husband and I like to play rock paper scissors whenever our daughter makes a stinky in her diaper. We believe that is the fairest way to decide who gets the prize. Because of my injury, all I have to do now I point at my stub and pout. I wonder how long I will be able to milk this :o) I would however, choose stinky diapers over having a tip less finger, just so you know.

I had my EGD last week. My doctor was running late, very late :o( The nurses told those of us waiting that we could come back tomorrow, but I had already taken the time off of work so I chose to stay. You know how they say not to eat after midnight? Well my procedure was scheduled for 1:00 in the afternoon so I knew that I would be starving, but I didn't go in until almost 7:00! I told my nurse that I was shrinking away and to recheck my weight because I was sure I was down 20 pounds. I think she appreciated my humor as she and the others were dealing with some serious biatches. I don't understand why people take things out on those who have no control over the situation. When my doctor finally got to me he stroked my cheek and said, "I am so sorry to keep you waiting." He is already fine, and now he is touching me in a non-medical fashion..... I can't wait until he does my banding just so he can touch me again, lol!
I think everything went well, I woke up very very chatty. Looking back, it was probably pretty weird. I told the anesthesiologist thank you for not making me feel like it was a lethal injection. I have my final appointment this Thursday and we will also be scheduling surgery. FINALLY and Hallelujah!

Guess What?!?!?!?!?! Remember the job I applied for? Well I was feeling very discouraged because I had not heard anything and I was told that I would hear something the next week. Well today, 3 weeks later I get a call about a second interview (I am popping and locking just thinking about it). I asked my friend on the inside, who is also on the panel for my second interview that they have narrowed it down to three candidates. I am feeling pretty good about my chances.

Finally, I must admit that I have not been good to myself. I have been sabotaging my efforts at a healthy lifestyle. I am afraid to even think about it, but I think deep down I am trying to see how big I can get before I go under the knife. How sick is that? I remember Cat telling me back when I started my blog that it is Last Supper syndrome. Whatever it is, it is a monkey on my back. I used to always be able to say that I had had at least one healthy meal per day, but I can't remember the last time that has happened. It has been quite a while since I have been active too. I do understand the struggle and  know that the Band won't be a magic fix, but I really need to get it together.

Well, that's all folks.  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 Things Thursday

I know I have mentioned this before, but I really love TTT. Thank you LauraBelle.

  1. What is the deal with panties? When I got out the shower this morning I asked my husband to pass me a pair because he was blocking my way to my dresser. I had to say "not those" to probably 5 pairs before I finally settled on what I thought was an acceptable pair. Holy donkeyballs (1st time user of this phrase, works nicely), am I paying for it right now! I feel like my circulation is being cut off at the right leg opening. I keep trying to adjust, but I may end up having to go commando. I DO NOT do commando. I need to keep all this azz contained. My cheeks are named Rudi and Trudi (my hubs came up with that) and are not allowed out to 'play' except in highly supervised situations. Man, I can't wait to get home to fix this.
  2. I was starving at work today. I had a cheesestick in the work fridge and it has apparently grown legs. I decided to go to the vending machine and the bastard machine wouldn't take my bills. Al I had were pennies in my coin cup. I almost cried (pathetic right?).
  3. I am going to Erie to visit the in laws this weekend. The visits are always bittersweet. For the most part his family is great, but I feel like I am ALWAYS cooking and cleaning. AM I the only one who feels like they must constantly cook/clean when visiting the in laws? I do not mind helping out and do not want my visits to be a burden, but GEEZ Louise can I get a break too? My hubs gets to lay around the whole time.
  4. I really want to make an Easter basket for my daughter, but I am afraid it is a bad idea snack wise.
  5. My sister repaid my contribution to her bail. You have no idea how happy I am for that. Not just because I was broke, but because I didn't have to hear I told you so from the hubs.
  6. I feel like I have been hating on my hubs, so I need to dedicate #6 to how wonderful he is to me. Even if he does get on my nerves almost all the time. Smooches. This is a picture of him taken for a 9/11 10 year anniversary story our local paper did.                     
  7. I miss shopping for clothes so badly. I saw so many cute things at Macy's when I had to buy my interview suit. One day my pretties, one day.
  8. My other sister is pregnant with her 5th child. She is 29 with no job, and I don't know what to say to her. I really don't know what to say. I am sad for her and her children. I was sad for them before this.
  9. I get out of work early tomorrow, YAY!!!!!! 5 hour drive to Erie, BOO!!!!!!
  10. Can't take it anymore. I am taking my scissors to the bathroom to do a little altering.
Take Care!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Happenings

I am going to be posting bullet style today folks. I have a lot of random things to say so get comfy.
  • I had my interview today....I think that it went well. It was with my old boss and it was nice to be back. I really want this job.
    • I had to buy a new suit for this interview. I waited until last night to find one. I don't know why I torture myself so. I have been trying my damnest not to shop until I lose some significant weight, but when I tried on what I had at home I felt like the incredible hulk.

  • My Aunt put a freakin' weave in my 16 month old daughter's hair!!!!!!! Yes... you read that right, a WEAVE! She looked like a ghetto toddler$ and tiara$. My husband had picked her up and didn't even notice. I, of course noticed immediately. I called my Aunt and she thought it was funny. I made her take it out today and promise to never ever do it again. She apologized and I knew that she meant no harm, but come on, really? My Aunt has a thing with wigs and weaves. She has overcome two bouts of cancer and now considers herself a wigologist (is this a real word?)  She does a little hair on the side, but my daughter is not to be a client.

  • I jumped the gun....I am not getting banded on the 26th, sigh. That is the date of my final nutrition appointment. Talk about a let down. I hope that is scheduled VERY soon after that appointment. I can't take the suspense. I want to be a Bandster now!!!!

  • I went to visit my mother Sunday, it was nice but also exhausting. Mom had  a 4 hour leave, and she was required to go back to the center immediately after lunch for insulin (20 minute drive back and forth.) She also had a stack of 17 prescriptions that needed filled. Apparently it was for the out-patient program she will be doing at some-point. I still don’t know how that is supposed to work since she is not local. Lunch was difficult because she didn't want to eat. Her therapist called me before I came with a list of rules. I was supposed to take her out to lunch at a predetermined spot and where she would order something she had already decided on and I am to order something similar. We were both to finish our meals and she was not to go to the bathroom alone.  We tried to follow the rules, but I was not going to be the one forcing food down my mother's gullet in the middle of the restaurant. I told her that I wasn't going to lie and say she ate her meal. She was fine with that. I put the truth in my little end of visit report.  It was hard saying goodbye, but I know that she is where she needs to be right now.
    • I had to have a family therapy session with her over the phone today right before my interview. It did not do much to calm my nerves.
That's all I have for now. Take Care xoxoxoxo