Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 Things Thursday

I know I have mentioned this before, but I really love TTT. Thank you LauraBelle.

  1. What is the deal with panties? When I got out the shower this morning I asked my husband to pass me a pair because he was blocking my way to my dresser. I had to say "not those" to probably 5 pairs before I finally settled on what I thought was an acceptable pair. Holy donkeyballs (1st time user of this phrase, works nicely), am I paying for it right now! I feel like my circulation is being cut off at the right leg opening. I keep trying to adjust, but I may end up having to go commando. I DO NOT do commando. I need to keep all this azz contained. My cheeks are named Rudi and Trudi (my hubs came up with that) and are not allowed out to 'play' except in highly supervised situations. Man, I can't wait to get home to fix this.
  2. I was starving at work today. I had a cheesestick in the work fridge and it has apparently grown legs. I decided to go to the vending machine and the bastard machine wouldn't take my bills. Al I had were pennies in my coin cup. I almost cried (pathetic right?).
  3. I am going to Erie to visit the in laws this weekend. The visits are always bittersweet. For the most part his family is great, but I feel like I am ALWAYS cooking and cleaning. AM I the only one who feels like they must constantly cook/clean when visiting the in laws? I do not mind helping out and do not want my visits to be a burden, but GEEZ Louise can I get a break too? My hubs gets to lay around the whole time.
  4. I really want to make an Easter basket for my daughter, but I am afraid it is a bad idea snack wise.
  5. My sister repaid my contribution to her bail. You have no idea how happy I am for that. Not just because I was broke, but because I didn't have to hear I told you so from the hubs.
  6. I feel like I have been hating on my hubs, so I need to dedicate #6 to how wonderful he is to me. Even if he does get on my nerves almost all the time. Smooches. This is a picture of him taken for a 9/11 10 year anniversary story our local paper did.                     
  7. I miss shopping for clothes so badly. I saw so many cute things at Macy's when I had to buy my interview suit. One day my pretties, one day.
  8. My other sister is pregnant with her 5th child. She is 29 with no job, and I don't know what to say to her. I really don't know what to say. I am sad for her and her children. I was sad for them before this.
  9. I get out of work early tomorrow, YAY!!!!!! 5 hour drive to Erie, BOO!!!!!!
  10. Can't take it anymore. I am taking my scissors to the bathroom to do a little altering.
Take Care!!!!!!!!


  1. Aww Reggie! I feel like I know you and want to hug you thru your blog :)

    First off - the cooking and cleaning - that is SO me. I do it everywhere I am invited to. It's just me. - But yes I would love breaks as well. I feel ya!! But have fun anyway!!

    As far as the Easter Basket - MAKE ONE!! Don't make it all about snacks! I make one for my mom and she makes one for me every year. We add earrings, body lotions, bath gels, small amounts of candies, etc... doesn't have to be expensive but girly it up and make it about love, not snacks :)

    And as far as being starving at work - get better prepared so you don't overeat. Buy some protein bars for your desk, Bring greek yogurts and in a BIG BLACK PERM MARKER - Put your name on it. So if anyone is eating it, it's obvious LMAO!!!!

  2. Oh, boo, on not making an Easter basket. My daughter (who is 24) does not eat anything except the healthiest of food. She is getting gifts and organic trail mix, dried fruit stuff. But she had candy as a kid and she is a size 00. An Easter basket will not make or break their eating habits.
    I love your blogs, you are so real!
    Panties are one thing I have not bought inthe proper size yet and mine hang on me......
    See you Monday?

  3. Rudi and Trudi!!!! LMAO!!! You were crackin me up! Mine should each have their own zipcode!

  4. Sorry about your panty dilemma...having on uncomfortable drawers con consume your thoughts for the day.

    I still make my kids baskets (18 & 26) and I don't put much candy in them because neither one of them care much for candy and gum. I put itunes gift cards, sunglasses, cologne, etc. in them. I don't remember how old your daughter is but you could do nail polish, chapstick, markers/pens, hair accessories, or oooooohhhhh, how about some girly flip flops...I think I could have fun with a girly basket :)

  5. Aww...your hubby is handsome! Hope you have a good trip and get to relax some too this weekend!

  6. What I finally did about the Inlaws is talk to hubby and ask him to help you clean up. Yeah, it's his family so he may not be accustomed to helping. My hubby never helped either until I asked him. Two people will get the job done more quickly so there is time for rest too.

    Your panty issue made me laugh. Sorry to laugh at your misfortune. ;)

  7. LOL, you crack me up!! As far as the cooking and cleaning thing, that is totally what happens anytime we go visit my in-laws. I don't mind cooking once or twice while we are visiting but its like MIL just thinks "Oh Morgan will be here, a nice break for me." I did talk to Peaches about it though and finally after 4 years it is a pretty equal assignment of work.