Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Hello All... It is a good day in Reggie world :o) except for the few WTFs that I'd like to share of course. Please Enjoy

WTF #1
I thought I was looking pretty cute today in my ankle pants and suede red heels. I was getting plenty of compliments on said heels. They are not new, but I probably have not worn them for 6 weeks or so. When I looked down at my feet to admire myself, WTF did I see? The inner lining of my (not cheap) heels coming up.

I took them off and looked inside to find that they were being split apart from the inside out. Again, WTF!?!? Apparently some elephant foot huzzy has been hoofing it around in my pretties. The huzzy was me :o(  Has this happened to any of you? I do have wide feet, but Geez Louise!


WTF #2
I am getting my hair done tonight. My Aunt is my stylist and has been for years. She is not the most convenient due to the fact that she lives 20 miles away (I drive past dozens of suitable salons on my way to her place), but I like the way that she does my hair and I appreciate depend on the family discount. I sent her an email today advising I wanted to look like Shaunie O' Neal. Please see the response.

ME : I hope that you don’t have many clients tonight because Iam bringing wine….. a lot of wine :o)
PS – I want to look like ShaunieOneal.

Her : Bring the wine. Themore you drink the more you will look like herJ  It is only a comb, not a wand!

 Hardy har har har..... not. I sure do hope she is in a good mood when I get there. My head depends on it.

WTF #3
Did you know it was Administrative Professionals day? My office, which never ever celebrates anything brought in a bunch of pastries today.... WTF!

If you read my last post, you know that I have been a bad girl. Today, I was STRONG! I refused to partake. Want to know something else, I tracked all my food in MFP yesterday and was under my calories AND I walked on my breaks and lunch.

WTF #4
I have a coworker who drives me crazy. She is very nice, but she is always bringing in crazy, old, stale, strange food for me. I am not just being picky either and I do appreciate her generosity however, I am afraid to eat much of it. She'll tell me that she was cleaning out her fridge and made some crazy looking stew and bring it in.... It was eyebrow raising. Or she'll bring me in a 1/2 loaf of bread that she got from the food bank and didn't finish.... WTF? I have no problem with food banks, they provided my meals many a time in my poverty stricken childhood, but I don't want it!!!!!! I politely decline and decline again. When she isn't around I hide the food in my trash can. Now when she comes to my desk she peers into my trashcan....WTF!

Thanks for listening :o)


  1. I for real laughed out lous at your aunt's response....ha ha ha...still laughing actually. I did hair for several years before I became a teacher and so many times I would have liked to have given that response.

  2. Great job resisting temptations!! I wanted to lick my monitor just looking at the pics!

  3. Your aunt cracks me up! Ugh to the coworker. Why can't people just mind their business?