Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can't Wait To Be...... Chub Rub Free

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my last post. It really helps to know that I am not alone in feeling this way and to be able to tell someone what I am going through without being embarassed. I agree with thinking that this has to be some sort of Last Supper syndrome. I am feeling a little better today and my pants are buttoned.

I've decided to make a list of what I want the Band to help me accomplish.
  1. Get off of the BP medication
  2. Be chub rub free
  3. Wear a size in the single digits
  4. Not have my butt cheeks bounce around like a sack of kittens when I walk
  5. Not always feel like the biggest girl in the room
  6. Be a hot wife
  7. Be able to run at least 1 mile without feeling like I am about to die
  8. Have my husband be able to pick me up
  9. Get rid of my back fat
  10. Wear a bathing suit with out feeling like I need to also cover up my arms and legs
  11. Not have so many weight related aches and pains (my tailbone hurts from sitting on my ass so much)
I may have more to add to this list at some point, but this is it for now.


  1. Haha, the #11 made me laugh out loud. Girl, your ass will continue to hurt I hate to tell you. It's because you will lose all the padding there. I never thought about it, but yeah, I'm sitting in chairs now and constantly readjusting how I'm sitting because it hurts.

  2. Chub rub! Love it! And this is a great list. Hubby picked up and carried me around the other day. It was awesome!

  3. I kinda like my butt bouncing I feel ya on the rest of the list!

  4. I'm still waiting on 4 and 9!! :) Great list!

  5. I am loving this list! I think I need to make one for me...goals for my NSV's. good luck!!

  6. Girl I soooooo agree with you on this. 1 that I'm looking forward to more than anything is for my husband to be able to pick me up. I hate feeling like i'm squishing him when we even just cuddle. I want to be able to sit on his lap, lay on his chest, all that stuff without squishing him!