Friday, February 24, 2012

Just some pics of my baby girl

I am doing my first post using my iPhone. It's only be pics of my daughter Charli because I think she is the cutest. Please enjoy all this sweet baby goodness 😍
Me and Charli (6 months) at the 4th of July fireworks on the Susquehanna river
Charli at 6 months
Charli at 12 months.... She will not give up that dang wub a nub.
Charli at 14 months
Charli at 9 months....This cute hat was given to us and her head got too big for it by the time it got cold out :o(
Charli at 13 months on Christmas day
Charli on Halloween (11 months)
Charli at the mall (12 months).... her momma was trying to get some free Christmas background shots done. She would not cooperate!
Charli at 9 months.... go Steelers.
1st time on a swing.... 8 months
Daddy holding up my fairy princess at 10 months
12 months
**** This post has been edited to resize pictures and add captions for less cumbersome viewing****


  1. OK, I am not impressed with the mobile blogger.....but my baby is a cutie!!!!

  2. yes... that is baby drool on my top in the abnormally large 1st pic. I do not know how to size the pics in the mobile version.

  3. so cute :) and I'm impressed that you could spell Susquehanna!

  4. You have an absolutely adorable little baby girl!! What a sweet face and she looks so happy :) You are a lucky woman!!

  5. omg!! she looks like a little doll! love those big beautiful eyes!! thanks for sharing :)