Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Monday

Happy Monday All! I hope that everyone had a great weekend. I am so excited to see that I have some new followers. Thank you Robyn for sending them my way!

In case you have not heard it from Cat or Robyn, I get to meet them today!!!!!! Robyn, invited me to the clinic's support group this evening and I am positively giddy about it. I must admit that I probably would not have gone had Robyn not personally invited me, but now I can't wait.

I spent a lot of the weekend reading through some of your blogs (my husband feels slightly neglected) and the transformations have been amazing to say the least. Nora I think I'd have a better chance of winning the P0werBall than completing 3 back to back spin classes and Lisa lost dang near 20 pounds in 3 weeks!!!!! Geez Louise Ladies... you are kickin' butt and taking names.

I know that you are probably tired of hearing me say it but, I CANNOT WAIT TO GET BANDED!!! Sorry for yelling. I found my self embracing old habits this weekend :o( I think it may be a last supper thing, but regardless, I need to make some better choices. I don't want to use my before band time stuffing myself. My doctor does not require any pre-op diet, but I really need to reign it in.

I went to LB's and got some new jeans yesterday. I absolutely love to shop, but other than yesterday, I have not bought any new clothes for myself since December. That is pretty fantastic for me. I am a self-diagnosed shopaholic and have decided not to buy any clothes until after surgery (I dont even look at store emails or advertisements anymore.) I really needed the jeans and LB had sent me a $40 gift cheque that expired yesterday, so I had to use it... right? I bought two pairs of jeans (16 and 18) to get me through. The 16s are pretty tight, but I am hoping that after I am banded they will work out. I have a bajillion other pairs in my closet that I cannot pull over my ample day my pretties, one day.


  1. I'm SO sorry I won't be there tonight. I normally have my piano lesson on Tues night, but this week it's on Monday instead. I'll meet you next month for sure.

    I would seriously try to hold off on buying new stuff, it's tough, especially as you start shrinking. Also - look into thrift store shopping. It's AMAZING what you can find for just a few dollars. I got a skirt for $1.99!!!

    I'm in a self imposed shopping ban until the end of February. boo.

  2. Sometime the meetings are great, sometimes they are boring..... But I almost always stay after to talk to other lapband people and lapband hopefuls and that is the best part.
    The lap band surgery changed my life and I am not done yet!
    Yes, stop buying clothes, you will just be pissed when yo have to give them away. THrift shops have become my friend.

  3. Sorry that I am going to miss you Cat....I will catch you next time ;o)
    I don't plan on buying anymore clothes until I am down some tonnage, but my jeans were embarassing. I was down to a pair of flares and a pair of skinny jeans with A LOT of stretch. I have never done any thrift store shopping for myself because I never thought they would have anything decent that fit me, but I will give it a try. I heard that CommunityAid on the West shore was nice.

  4. I wish I had fun ladies to meet locally and go to groups with!! Enjoy! That will be one of the best tools besides the band. I think it's incredible to sit with, eat with, and get to know someone locally who can help you with all the new and exciting changes you will soon have!! Thanks for the shout out :) It was a wonderful feeling to lose the almost 20. I can't wait to get the clear for exercise so I can get this booty smaller. Happy Monday!

  5. That's so fun you will get to meet Robyn tonight! I'm jealous! Have a great time.