Monday, March 26, 2012

I Have A Date!!!!!

...... For my surgery!!!!

I am so excited :o) I have not blogged in a little while because things have been very bad lately and I did not want to keep writing depressing blogs.
I got a call from the WL Clinic this morning advising that my insurance company finally approved me for surgery and my date is April 26th! I will also have to have an EGD on April 18th. I am so excited that I have butterflies, lol!

Now that I have shared my good news, I will also share a little of what is going on in Reggie Land. My mother who takes care of my 16 month old daughter during the day told me last Tuesday that she and her therapist felt that she needed to go back into treatment for her eating disorder. I was caught completely off guard. We shared meals all the time. She said that that was the only time she would eat all day and that she didn't want to put my daughter in danger because of her problems. I asked when she would be going and she thought it would be in a week or so. It ended up being TWO days later! My husband took off Thursday and I took off Friday to be home with her until we found suitable childcare. My mom was pretty upset and felt that she had let us down, but I told her that she needed to get herself together because Charli would be missing her. She even recommended a my sister's friend to take care of my daughter until she got better, but that was not an option. My sister's and their friends are......UNSAVORY to put it nicely.

Speaking of my sisters, the middle one called me at 2:30 Sunday morning to tell me that she had been arrested and needed bail money! If you knew my sister this would not come as a surprise at all. While I would normally have no problem leaving her there, she is a single mom with two kids and also has custody of my other sister's daughter, so I spent all day yesterday and some of today trying to scrounge up some bail money. My husband is SO MAD about the whole situation right now. I can't even blame him :o( We have not said anything to my mother. The last thing she need to hear while she is in rehab is that her daughter is in jail. OK, I am done talking about my sister. My butterflies are turning to lead bricks.

My Aunt has agreed to watch my daughter Monday-Thursday. She loves her and my mom would take her over often during the day. I hope that it works out until I am able to afford daycare. I can't believe that we are in this situation. I feel like I did everything I was supposed to. I planned my pregnancy and was on a wait list for a great daycare. Then I got laid-off and now my and the hub's income is dramatically less and we are unable to afford the crazy daycare prices. I will keep on keeping on until things turn around.

Thanks for listening


  1. So happy for your surgery date!! Sorry to hear about your mom...I hope her treatment goes well. Sounds like you have more than your share of stress lately...big hugs.

  2. Congrats on the insurance approval!!! I'm sorry to hear about the family issues!

  3. Yay! Approved! :)

    PS: I want to pinch that adorable baby's cheeks. SO CUTE!

  4. Oh wow! I'm sorry things have been so stressful. Sometimes even when we do all the right things, stuff gets turned all upside down. It'll work always seems to. Congrats on the surgery date!

  5. Wow. What a bitter-sweet post. We'll start with the sweet: Congratulations on your insurance approval and getting a date for surgery. Super exciting.

    The bitter: I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with all of this right now. It definitely sounds like you did do everything you were supposed to do, so that makes it suck even worse. Sending prayers your way. It'll all work out.

  6. Congrats on the surgery date!! YAY! And I'm sorry to hear about all the problems with childcare and your mom...I hope she's doing better soon.

  7. Hooray for a surgery date - it will be here quickly!

    Your baby girl is adorable - here's hoping that your mom's treatment goes well and that your childcare gets figured out for the best :)

  8. Yay for your date!! It truly will be the best and worst day all in one, but the worst part goes away quickly and all you are left with is what an awesome thing you have done for yourself.

    So sorry about your sister. I completely know about sisters that are constantly full of drama. Trust me.

  9. I know just from reading your blog that you have had a lot of tough things happening. And I completely get the idea that you planned everything out so why is this happening?? It's crazy how sometimes the world just doesn't go along with our best laid plans. And yet in spite of that what I see is a woman who keeps going regardless. And now add to the pile of troubles your sister and now this situation with your Mom.. First off, I hope your mom will be ok and like you said it's better to go sooner than later if she needs to be hospitalized. I kind of wish we lived near each other so I could watch your baby for you!!! I love babies and my youngest is 7 now. I wonder if you could get assistance for child care. I remember when I worked at a daycare years ago many parents used assistance to pay for it. Anyway, I so admire you. and YAHOOOOOOO for surgery date!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome. Things are turning around for you! Don't worry about writing depressing blogs. I felt that way too in the beginning but the truth is we are here for you no matter what your mood. And always look forward to knowing what's up in Reggie land!

    1. Thank you Holly, I'd love to have you watch my baby :o) You are raising great kids! We are not eligible for child care assistance. It is one of those situations where you make too much but not enough.

  10. Yah for your surgery, I am so excited for you!! As far as having blogs that are down sometimes, I would just say forget it. Those yucky feelings are just as valid and important to document as the good ones. This is part of your support system and it can't do it's job if you don't let it in! So...I will step down off my soapbox, just know I am always willing to walk through the crap as well as smell the flowers.

  11. Sweet girl, I am so sorry you are going thru this stress. Put you first! Amazing news getting your surgery date and getting you healthier. I am keeping your mom in my thoughts as she gets her health in check. I am sorry for the stress about your sister. She sounds like my brother for many yrs. He finally got his act together at age 44 uggg. I understand what it feels like tho. Big hugs!!!!

  12. First, yippee, youare approved and have a date. Happy Dance.
    Reggie, life is full of obsticles. That is what makes us strong, girlfriend. You are strong. I truely believe that life is a series of paths to get you where you need to be at.

  13. Woohoo! Congrats on the date! Sorry you're having a tough time with the other stuff though.