Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

I love Ten Things Thursday, however, this is only my second time actually participating. Here it goes.........
  1. I am so so excited about finally getting my band. I am currently wieghing in at 240 (give or take a few pounds. I have been hiding from the scale. I have a weight loss goal of getting down to 175 and reevaluating from there. I can't remember the last time I have been below 200 pounds.
  2. My husband's 20 year high school reunion is at the end of June in Erie, PA. I plan to look smoking hot!!!!!! I wonder how much I can lose by then if I put my mind to it? Please plan on helping me decide on an almost indecent dress to wear to this occasion in the not too distant future.
  3. My sister's out.....nuff said.
  4. I am going to visit my mom at her treatment center on Sunday.
  5. My husband and I are silent arguing. I really really hate that. He gets all moody and refuses to say why. I am sure it has to do with helping out my sister. I know I am going to have to do something naughty to make it up to him.
  6. I have an interview at my old job (the one that laid me off) next week. I am not really sure if I want to go back I really miss the free parking and onsite gym, but I am going to give it my best at the interview and see what happens. I am hoping to come back with my same salary (my sources say this is likely) and if so, I will be able to enroll my daughter in the awesome day care there. Can you tell that there is a lot on the line with this? I am trying to be cool about it though.
  7. I have been cutting down my carbs. I am still a long way from cutting them out, but I have been feeling nauseous lately and low-carb eating seems to be the only thing working to make me feel better.
  8. My surgeon does not require a pre-op diet. I am looking for suggestions on making up my own. I have a great fear of them attempting surgery and me waking up in recovery unbanded because my liver was ginormous.
  9. If you are following my blog and I am not following yours, please leave your blog address in the comments so I can hit you up :o)
  10. It's almost my lunch time and I cannot wait to tear into my shish kabobs and salad.
Have a happy Thursday!!!!!


  1. I didn't have a pre op diet either. My liver was enlarged and fatty and even had "suspicious" spots that caused them to do a biopsy...and they still banded me. If you do a pre op diet it certainly won't hurt, but if your Dr doesn't require one then he thinks it isn't necessary.

    Good luck with your interview!

  2. My practice required Atkins for 2 weeks. Low carbing it all the way. Just stay away from the carbs and I'm pretty sure you will be set.

  3. We have the same practice and they told me my liver was three times the size it shoudl have been when they went it. They still put the band in.
    Low carb is not a bad idea, it willhelp with the 'addiction'.

  4. I didn't have a preop either and didn't attempt one. But low carb isn't a bad idea. I don't think you need to do it for 2 weeks...maybe just 1 or not at all. :) Good luck at your job interview!

  5. My surgeon requires a two week liquid diet. I can have soup but have to blend/strain it. They said it helped shrink your liver, clear your bowels and leave your stomach in a 'natural' state.

  6. Good luck with your interview!

  7. My surgeon required a 2 week liquid shake diet. They sold you the shakes, but they are available online - Bariatric Advantage there are several flavors to choose from. There was chocolate and vanilla (they were out of strawberry) at my doctor's office. You could drink up to 5 shakes a day. Making the shakes with milk or water, ice optional (helps the thicken it and keep you full longer.) You could also add flavoring (almond, mint went great with chocolate; orange or strawberry go well with the vanilla. I used McCormick.)