Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prepped and Not Quite Ready (TTT)

Good morning folks!!!

Did you know that it is Wednesday Thursday and I only have a few more days left until my surgery on Monday? I.AM.FREAKING.OUT!

I had my blood work, EKG, and pregnancy test done on Tuesday. The nurse who checked me in had her Band put in 2 years ago. I told her that I was very worried about being stuck in public. She said not to stress about it because it is going to happen. She then told me that she has her boyfriend punch her in the chest when she gets stuck....... I am still not sure if she was serious or not. Regardless of that strange tidbit of information, she was very nice and went on and on about how nice the surgeons were. Then she told me how she had gotten stuck on chewing gum and needed medical attention. Eeek!

I keep looking at measuring cups and thinking, who the freak eats only 1/2 cup of food at a time? Regardless, I am committed to making this work for me. Please send me all your good juju. 

I yelled at my husband last night for eating all the pierogies. Then I thought that I will not have to worry about getting enough pierogies anymore.

I keep standing in front of my closet looking at the stack of jeans that have always been to tight to wear or the dresses and skirts that are hoochie mama tight. One day my pretties, one day :o)

I have been making a massive list of what I need to get. I have NOTHING prepared..... No broth, no protein powders, no GasX, no NOTHING!

I have been hovering between 235-240. I think that my goal weight is 175, but the moment I see 199.9 on the scale I might do a vlog in a bikini :o) [maybe, I have to see what 199.9 looks like on me first]

I have been thinking about a name for my band. I have been considering naming her Naomi (my inner skinny bitch), but I will hold off until I get it.

I am excited about my time off. I know that I will be recovering, but I will still be off :o)

I made a tuna and cannelini bean salad today that is SLAMMING!

Well that all I have. Take Care xoxoxoxo


  1. Good juju heading your way for Monday! You have a few days to get some broth, GasX, etc - speaking for myself, I didn't use half of the stuff I bought, and still have a huge honkin' jug of unflavored protein powder to work through.

    Keep those hoochie mama clothes front and center - they'll keep you motivated! And right now, even the thought of eating a pierogi is just not appealing to me. It just wouldn't go down well, I'm sure, and that makes it easier to say 'no thanks!'

  2. Hurry and get the things you need for recovery so that you can relax. Don't stress about getting stuck. Just keep a zip lock bag with papertowel in your purse.

    This is going to be so fun.

    Take your mesaurements and before pictures the night before surgery. Measurements are going to be very important to you when the scale isn't moving.

  3. That's GREAT advice, I should have my guy punch me when I get stuck. Cuz it's happened twice in front of him... lol

    Things will go smoothly, be exciiiiited!

    Oh, and definitely wait until you meet your band to name it... it's like a baby, you never know what type of temperament it's gonna have. Oy!

  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. You'll do great!!! Just don't rush the transitions from clear liquids to full liquids to mushies.

    Always respect your band & your body

  5. one thing to add to your list....Biotene mouth spray (found in the toothpaste section). It is about 5 bucks, and has a very light mint taste. This stuff is great to have when you wake up with a mouth so dry you'd swear it was filled with cotton balls. It also helps with the general dry mouth that you'll have for a few days post-op. Anyway, cough up 5 bucks and you'll thank me.

    I've been stuck before, and I'll admit that I used an open hand to give my chest a gentle whack, but it didn't work. Probably isn't the best idea, but heck, when you're stuck, you're stuck. I was terrified of the whole "stuck" issue before I got banded. You learn. Fast. Really fast.

    Let us know how things are going! Don't forget....walk walk walk and sip sip sip. When I was too out of it or too tired to drink, I had some Gatorate G2 in a glass and used a medicine dropper to suck it up because I didn't want to move. Not horrible pain, but just was comfortable. Don't get dehydrated....whatever you do! :)

  6. Good luck!!!