Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thank you for TTT

I've been writing posts in my head for days. I must have been subconsciously waiting for TTT to share all that has been going on :o)

1. I had my follow-up appointment on Tuesday and have been upgraded to mushies....YAY!!!!! Still not cleared for exercise though (except for walking) which kind of sucks. Remember how I said I thought my surgeon was cute? Well, he was pretty flirty at the appointment. I am unsure if he was actually flirting or if that is just his personality. Robyn, maybe you can weigh in on this. It was definitely an eyebrow raiser.

2. I think I exaggerated about being in Bandster Hell. As soon as I progressed to mushie foods I began to feel absolutely fine. I still deal with a little grief when measuring out my bandster sized portion (it's hard adjusting) but I am always satisfied with my meal.... Thank you Jesus!

3. I had my first stuck episode this morning. I was eating a scrambled egg to fast while talking to my husband about the neighbors at the end of the block and BOOM! I felt like I could not breathe. By the way, I was eating this egg in the truck on the way to work. It was such a claustrophobic feeling. Ugh, it was horrible. It passed in about 30 seconds, but that was 29 seconds too long for me. Lesson learned, until next time.

4. Tomorrow is my last day at my current job. I start my new job on Tuesday.

5. I just read Tina's post about having a goal that involved shopping at particular stores. I can so totally relate. I feel like my personal style is not available at the stores where I have to shop. I am still on my self imposed shopping hiatus. I will admit that I have slipped up a few times, but I am mostly sticking to the plan. I am a shopaholic and cannot even window shop without buying something. I wonder how long I can hold out? I plan to keep my purse closed until Onderland.... that is 23 pounds away.

6. I have an exception to #5. Remember a few months ago I said my hubs 20 year high school reunion is at the end of June? This event will excuse me from my shopping ban for this event only. I do have a dress in my closet that is a possibility. However, it has been almost 3 years since I was able to get into it. Here is a pic. I was feeling pretty damn hot in this dress and would love to get back into it. I think I was about 210 in this photo. The dress was a 16 misses and TIGHT.

My aunt Sandy, me and my mom.

7. I have been trying my best to make good food choices. I think of how much I am allowed to have and do my best to get the most nutritional value out of my meal. I find I have the hardest time when I am out running errands. I used to always stop by a drive thru and grab a few things off the value menu. Now I drive by...... slowly. I am proud of my self for resisting that temptation. Let's hope I can keep it up.

8. I really really need to clean out my closet. I never properly put away my winter clothes and everything seems to be in piles. I hope to be able to devote some time to getting this in order.

9. I want some wine. Now.

10. Can't stop thinking about wine.

***** Editted to add *****
11. My first fill is on July 3rd. That seems really really far away.  


  1. Which doctor is your surgeon???? Dr. R or Dr. P?

  2. I'm guessing because she's saying flirty that it's Dr. P. :)

    Dr. R is absolutely not flirty though seriously super nice and adorbs. :) Dr. P is a huge flirt. I love him. Hee hee! He makes you feel gorgeous.

    Also LOVE that dress lady. It's gorg!

    1. You are right, Dr. P had me sit right next to him during the visit. It was very touchy feely. He is very nice, but good golly, I felt like a bad girl.

  3. VA VA VOOM - that dress is awesome! You're doing really well, and good for you for driving by those drive-thru windows!!

  4. I almost always have trouble with eggs no matter how much I chew...which sucks, because I really like eggs.

  5. Reggie you look bangin hot in that purple dress!!!

  6. Totally Bangin in that dress!! Work it!

  7. Can we say BOOOYAH to that eggplant dress!!! Hot gotta wear that one. It is great! I am relieved you are mushin now. Enjoy your long weekend!

  8. #5, can TOTALLY relate. I actually feel like I've been living that my whole adult life... :( I've always had to "mold" into what fit, not what my style truly was/is...

    GURLLLLLLL! you look SHMOKIN' in that purple dress!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow! That dress is gorgeous on you! :) Work it girl! I'm at 230, so close to onederland, but yet so far away. :P

  10. i think i NEED that dress. omg. you look AWESOME! :)
    keep up the good work lady!

  11. you look great in that dress! and i so get the whole not being able to shop your style because you're shopping your size....

  12. I need a dress like that!! You bombshell, you!

  13. I laughed at the wine comment hahaha.. Also..WOW...that picture is AWESOME!!!!!! You are going to rock it!